Loofah Soap- An Affordable luxury

Loofah Soap - Luxurious Loofah soap:invigorating spa scrub

loofah soap, wholesale soap

Loofah Soap - Luxurious Loofah soap: invigorating spa scrub, Massage and pedicure bar from the convenience of your tub or shower. Skin Renewal, Massage, Exfoliation in one .

Loofah Soap saying good-bye to cruddy feet.. hello-
Pedicure pampering & Daily Spa treatment!

Loofah Soap
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Loofah Soap- Our Customers Speak

Loofah SoapsJust wanted to let you know that I purchased some items from your booth at the EXPO.  They are marvelous!!!!!!!  I tried the loofah yesterday.  My feet feel great.  I am going to purchase more items.  I also told my sisters about your web site.  You are a hidden secret here in Frankfort.  Keep up the good work .Sharon

Loofah SoapsThanks very much!  I love your loofahs!  They are awesome and cured my dried feet from wearing sandals all summer!  I will definitely recommend your products

Loofah Soaps Lana,
Everything was great with the Loofah order. They smell so wonderful

Loofah SoapsI have run out of loofah bars which is both a blessing and an uh oh :)
People are wild about these and have been buying your stuff like wild!

loofah soap

Loofah Soap
Wholesale Soap Favorite

As wholesale soap choice.. you will love loofah soap. A proven record says Loofah Soap may be THE best additions you ever make to your shop!

Excellent choice for a unique gift shops, shop, salon or show sales . If you have a wholesale soap opportunity Loofah Soap should e included Click here to apply now

Loofah Soaps in our incredible Bath Soap Gift Selection

Affordable Gifts and Luxuries a Plenty - We have it all!

Loofah Soap - Always Handmade in America!

handmade in America

Loofah soap: The Spa in a Bag- & Extremely Affordable

Loofah Soap-Warning! Addictive! Once you have one you will always want one!

Loofah Soap - A True Foot Care Spa

Loofah soap- One may not be enough!

loofah soap
Just one might not be enough...one in the guest bathroom is a nice treat.The mommy to be appreciates a loofah soap gift ,loofah soaps are a great addition to any gift basket. and much more.

Also, Travel often? May want an extra... we heard of some very disappointed travelers who forgot to pack theirs. Click here to loofah soap order now

Loofah Soap -A Unique Gift!

Natural Loofah Soap By Ladybug Blessings-"Our Spa in a Bag" Bar

Loofah Soap- The Price

Loofah Soap, Spa in a Bag! Very Addiciting!

Only $8.50 per bar beautifully packaged.

Loofah Soap ingredients:

Glycerin soap, natural loofah, soap, oats,fragrance/and or essential oils, color

Loofah Soap Fragrance description found at this link

Loofah Soap Purchase here:


Loofah Soap Fragrance description found at this link

Loofah soap as a Scrub

LoofahLoofah soap is a preferred exfoliating scrub by many of our clients. Many of our clients love our loofah soap as a general exfoliating body soap especially after the loofah soap has been used a few times and the loofah gets to that perfect light scrub texture.

Loofah soap is as a scrub greatly helps dry spots such as knees and elbows.

For tough scrubbing such as after gardening, Loofah soap is unsurpassed. Wet and use to scrub ground in dirt from heels, elbows, knees, hands. Loofah Soap Scrub and Massage Bar will have you cleaned up in no time. Outstanding!

Loofah soap truly a distinctive

loofah soapHere's what happens... Our  loofah soap foot scrub &  massage  bar begins with natural organically grown loofah gourd. We then add  soap to with emollients like cocoa butter, shea butter, jojoba and more  to cleanse, enrich , soften and soothe your  feet . Finally., we carefully blend in  additional natural exfolliants-  and offer it in a fine array of fragrances. and  the  RESULT is .. Yes, just ...The BEST..Scrub & Massage you will find anywhere. Once you have one ..you will forever want one!

Loofah Soap- Natural Perfection!

Loofah soap is handcrafted from a fresh slice of nature's finest organically grown loofah. It is filled with soap, moisturizers and exfoliants. Then Each one is scented to perfection with a aroma you'll crave.The end result is a spa style a affordable bath luxury

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