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Unique Bath Products Handmade to make every Bath Feel Like a Spa!

The Finest in Handcrafted Bath and Body Since 1999 and Still Excited About Serving You!

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Non Toxic Bug Free Summer Fun!

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Loofah Soap- Spa in A Bag!
Our Best Seller!

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Fireless Candles/ Room Scents

Fireless Candle Room Scent

Natural Pain Relief

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Hand Cream Tube

Foot Care - Gifts- Perfect all year

foot care for Chirstma and year around
Just foot Care Products
Foot Care Gifts

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    Natural Bath & Body
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    The Ladybug Blessings Gift Collection

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    The Spa in the Bag - Best Seller-
    Get yours now!

    Buy yourself a couple & Get one for a friend- They will love it! Unique Loofah Soap-Perfect for all occasions.

    Very Very Addicting

    Natural Bath Products-
    on Sale?

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    Natural Foot Care -
    Bless My Tired Feet!

    Foot Care - Natural Handmade

    The Best in Natural Foot Care

    Need to pamper your feet? Could you use a pick me up?

    Try our complete collection of foot care products including our best selling Peppermint foot cream, also well loved as a muscle tension relief cream.

    Sold as fast as we can craft it...btw..we are gladly having to pick up our pace...for the joy of serving you!
    Foot Care products(sold separately)
    Foot care Products Gifts & sets

    Natural Lip Balms

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    Natural Bath Products

    We offer the finest in wholesale bath and body to for your shop, salon, trade show booth and more!

    Wholesale bath and body

    Our Peppermint Cream

    Need some relief for your tired feet? Try our Foot Cream!

    Natural bath Products- Foot Cream, Muscle Tension Relief Cream

    Natural Bath Products What's New

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    natural bath products

    Bath Spa Products & Natural Soap
    -Unique,Handcrafted Spa Quality Our Passion!

    natural bath productsBath and spa products carefully crafted and luxurious handmade soap at the most affordable prices has been the Ladybug Blessings passion for over 9years. We believe bath and spa products should nourish , refresh renew your skin and everyone deserves to enjoy living in their skin without constant bothersome itch and dryness. Using the finest of natural ingredients we carefully craft to make this a reality in the life of every customer.

    Our goal is always to meet your need and exceed your expectations. We thank you for visiting our site and hope to earn the honor of being your premier bath products choice. About us in brief :

    Bath Products- The Why of our Unique Natural Line

    natural bath productsLadybug Blessings started when we became passionate about natural bath products after years (over three decades!) of battling various dry itchy skin conditions. I was stunned to go from using several bottles of lotions per month to barely three a year just by getting the chemicals out of my bath products and choosing those made with rich natural oils and butters.
    More about us

    Can natural bath products really make that big of a difference?

    natural bath productsYes! And the reason is the American bath market is saturated with products filled with harsh drying chemicals that only multiply the dry skin problem.Many commercial bath products are merely detergents with a glorified name. These ingredients compound the dry itch problem and can have negative effects on general health

    Ladybug Blessings natural bath products and natural handmade soaps contain the finest natural ingredients to nourish your skin. This means a bath product with rich natural shea butter, jojoba oil, natural coconut and Palm oils, real silk and more! NO fillers! NO sulfates! found here!

    Natural Bath Products by Ladybug Blessings-
    Dedicated to Blessing your Bath with the Best:

    Natural Bath Luxury-THE Loofah Soap
    Instant Pedicure Massage in your tub or Shower!

    A Most Unique addition to your Bath Products- Our Loofah Soap will bring a daily spa pedicure to your shower. Call good bye to callouses..hell-o beautiful massaged luxury treated feet!

    Yes! Our natural loofah soap is your private pedicurist that includes a massage all in the privacy of your shower!!

    The ultimate in natural bath products! Also part of our distinctive foot care products line.
    Just $8.50 each and you can have a pedicure every day Learn more about loofah soap

    A Best Seller- Very Addicting !!!

    Finest In Natural Bath Soaps :

    Natural Bath Products for the most Sensitive Skin
    -Soothing Oatmeal Soap

    oatmeal soap

    Dry itchy sensitive skin? Our oatmeal Soap filled with soothing natural oats just the solution you've been looking for.

    Oatmeal Soap is the preferred choice of our most skin sensitive Clientele. Intensive moisture- Great Natural psoriasis & eczema soap Hypo allergic Excellent for all skin types

    The Most Important of Natural Bath Products -
    Handcrafted Soaps ..
    Experience Excellence at Ladybug Blessings

    handmade soap, natural soap, natural handamade bath product, natural handmade soap

    Famous Handcrafted Soap for when you have battled dry skin long enough!

    Our soap is made to bring you the finest in bath products. Because I battled extremely dry skin..our soap is formulated moisture rich with NO filler oils.

    Natural Handcrafted Soaps made with the finest skin loving oils including Shea butter, jojoba, & More! Plus REAL silk for silk finish and soothing goat milk in every bar!

    Starting at just $5.50 . Beautifully packaging- Virtually gift Ready

    Bath soap - A great Bath at a Great Price!

    Just know you want the best soap but at an exceptional price? Just bath soapwant a great bath?

    Don't really need the packaging?
    Don't mind a little less attention to details?
    Visit our bath soap page ..where you will find odd cuts, or sizes, small flaws, Great prices, simple packaging. And the same GREAT Soap..that will leave your skin feeling like silk! Learn more from our bath soap page.

    Starting at $4 each- 2 packs even cheaper!

    Natural Bath Gel

    Bath Gel

    bath gel

    Natural Body Wash/Bath Gel
    Made with oils that love your skin

    True Natural Liquid Soap Product with no detergent additives

    A Healthy choice Bath Product

    Truly a luxurious shower gel.
    Pure natural soap
    NO Sodiumlarylsulfate

    NO filler oils! To Learn more:
    Natural Bath Gel
    8 oz just $11.99

    4 oz trial / Travel size $7

    Natural Bath Products to "Bless Your Tired Feet!"

    foot careNatural Foot Care -We specialize in tired feet ! Check out the Ladybug Blessings "The Bless My Tired Feet"Best Selling Collection
    Ready for foot care with deep relief for your tired feet?

    Try our foot care products including our famous completely handcrafted peppermint cream - preferred foot care and muscle tension relief.
    Foot care starts at just $5!
    Peppermint Cream is a bargain at $12

    Included in our foot care products you will find A luxurious natural handcrafted product for your every foot care need intense moisturizers for dry feet, soothing cooling spray, a foot care spa in a bag.. (a pedicure in your shower!) rejuvenating scrub, the most convenient foot care lotions you will ever own. Naturally a step forward!

    Natural Bath Products - The Moisturizers!

    Shea Butter Cream for an all day Moisture

    shea butter cream,natural shea butter cream

    Shea Butter Cream is just that - Shea Butter Cream formulated in house to leave your skin feeling like silk.

    NOT made from a purchased base but from the finest shea butter and oils completely handcrafted for the most awesome moisturizing cream you will ever try!

    Sold as fast a we can fill jars
    .Paraben free preservative system
    Very long lasting!

    Learn More about our shea butter silk cream

    Natural -Solid Moisturizers

    hand lotion

    Our lotion bars were our first best selling product and have remained popular for years.We have and excellent moisture intensive recipe. Lotion bars are the ultimate in bath and body moisturizer convenience.

    lotion bar

    Natural Bath Pleasures

    Body Mist

    body spray

    Body Mist are alcohol free and formulated ,

    Safe for

    Body Spray

    Room Spray

    Linen spray

    safe in one!

    Bath Products for Soothing Soaking Relief

    bath salt

    Looking for truly exquisite bath salts- you will find them here we offer a variety perfected scented


    Fragrant choices available by visiting:
    Bath Salts
    Essential oil aroma available on our
    Aromatherapy Bath Salts page
    Quick Order center offers a bulk choice
    Price Range $2.50-$12

    Bath Products - Well not really- But still Great!

    Product available for your immediate profits

    Natural Bath Products- Great Gifts for all Occasions

    Bath Spa Gift Baskets