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Adoption fundraisers because children are a blessing, adoption is expensive and a child deserves a loving family

Helping Bring Adopted Children Home Since 2001!


Adoption Fundraisers, Adoption Fundraising

The Adoption Fundraiser where each Adoption is handled with loving care and professional service

adoption fundraiser,adoption funding, adoption fundriasingAt Ladybug Blessings we understand the expenses, the love and your longing to give a child a home and a family. We are honored to have the opportunity to be a part of your adoption fundraiser process.

If you are adopting we know there is a great need for funds.We want to make it easier. We want to be your top choice for your adoption fundraiser . Our adoption fundraiser offers the distinctive unique touch. Your mom and your girlfriends will love helping out. They will also love the products they purchase from Ladybug Blessings.

Adoption Fundraiiser apply nowWe started adoption fundraisers after adoptive parents approached us because of our success doing other types of fundraisers. Adoption fundraisers are now one our favorite fundraisers. We are experienced and ready to help you add dollars to your adoption account to bring your child home.

Adoption Fundraiser Products of Handcrafted Distinction, Luxurious Quality and Affordability.

Adoption Fundraisers offering Spa Quality, Handcrafted,
Luxurious Bath Products at Affordable Prices ,
The Adoption Fundraisers your girlfriends will love helping you with !

Unique Fundraiser Items

adoption Fundraiser, adoption fundraising

Fireless Candles- a great way to help pay for adoption-We can custom label

Fundraisers with Simple Success!- The Lip Balms!

adoption fundraisers

Natural Lip Balm with your adoption label.. Earn 18.50 per tray of 12 ! Each $3 each sale!

Successful Fundraiser-
Our unique Lotion!
Solid convenience!

adoption fundraisers, unique adoption fundraiser idea, adoption fundraising

Solid lotions_ A unique adoption fundraiser solution

Adoption Fundraiiser apply now

Adoption Fundraisers by Ladybug Blessings -
Where Your Successful Fundraiser is our Business!

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A final note about Ladybug Blessings Adoption Fundraisers

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Adoption Fundraisers now
offer more product options

adoption fundraiser

In addition to our entire line of handcrafted choice of bath products- our adoption fundraiser program now offers our best selling lipbalms and fireless candles as custom adoption fundraiser items.. Celebrating more adoptions and celebrating and helping YOUR adoption!

Adoption Fundraiser Custom Fundraiser
Item Sales

We have recently launched 2 products for custom sales. First is our lip balm which has sold 10's of 10's of thousands. Second, our fireless candles.

With our lipbalm you choose the color or the tube color, top color, label color and label info:

For instance you could choose white tube, light blue top and we can call it "Baby Kisses"
The tag line could mention "The lip balm that helps bring Baby Jones home" or
Bringing Baby Tucker home one kiss at a time"
There would be a baby graphic on it and we label colors would coordinate.

adoption fundraiser

You earn $1.50 per tube selling at ONLY $3 each!. Great in tough economic times. This is a top quality product. Most folks need more than one!

If 10 friends would each just sell 2 box of 12..(we offer neat box displays) You could have an extra $360 quickly ! These can sit on desks etc and boxes refilled for ongoing repetitive success. With Friends in different circles this can be accomplished this quickly.

You may do this as a a single item fundraiser or along side our regular line place a separate order for at least 60 tubes and we are currently offering FREE SHIPPING and free custom label prep.

We are also offering our popular fireless candle in the same manner. Choose scent(s), label color and candle color and name

Fireless Candle could work the same way. You may choose the name, message and colors. They retail for $6 you earn $3. If you are a great distance from KY you may want to sell for $6.50 to help offset shipping expense.

If you and 5 friends just sold a dozen each you could add $234 to your funds! Think of the friends you have in different circles- you may have 10 or more willing to help!

You may sell both candle and lipbalm at the same time if you like. You may sell from a brochure or buy and resell. We do however recommend samples to show if you use the brochure option.

These items also available for breast cancer and Relay for Life Fundraiser's as well as schools, groups etc.

Want to start planning now? Click here to fill out the custom fundraiser form. Or call 270-789-9758

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Adoption Fundraisers do I Sell entire line or
just a few items?

We recommend selling our entire line in adoption fundraisers because there are usually fewer people selling . This allows for maximum choices to be provided to your customer.

.However, we have seen great success with selling 1-5 products. This is an especially popular choice when working with younger participants such as elementary school students.

We will prepare custom brochures from which to sell only selected items. We do NOT charge for this service.

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Our Adoption fundraiser's Most Popular Products

Fireless Candles
Lotion Bar
Lip Balm
Shea Butter
Peppermint Cream
Oatmeal Soap

Adoption Fundraisers - Fundraiser - Building Your Success

A couple of things to contribute to your success

Adoption Fundraiser Tip #1

While you may hold a Ladybug Blessings Adoption Fundraiser with no money up front, we want you to know that the most successful campaigns are achieved by those who have sample baskets

After you fill out our form we will give you the options of purchasing these products at a 50% discounted price. Your samples will be full size products - most of which can be sold directly when your are finished.

Adoption Fundraisers Tip #2

When printing brochures from our pdf file - print the product presentation brochure in full color. This increases sales and will prove to be an investment NOT an expense. Order taking sheet may be printed in black and white.

Need brochure help? Any type of issue Can't print brochures?
Call 270-789-9758 10-5 EST M-F

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Fundraiser Sales projections

The average item cost is $8

Strongest personal sales are often the groups trying to pay for trips,uniforms, adoptions etc.

When working with adoptions selling the entire line we usually see the family earn $500- $2400 per campaign toward adoption expenses.

Adoption fundraisers profits increase as friends and family helps you sell.

Some have held home parties and bunkos to show off their products and take orders.

Just doing the single item custom fundraiser is proving quite profitable. We pay shipping on lipbalm Fundraisers see details above.

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Adoption Fundraiser
One more emphasis

We highly recommend samples to show your clients. To learn a bit more click here. More will be shared in your information packet after you request info.

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unique fundraisereasy fundraiereasy fundraiser money

Start Earning Today!

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Adoption Fundraisers- Close to our heart

We were married a long time before we finally had children. We understand your heart. Adoption fundraisers are very close to our heart. As a reputable company we want you to know up front what to expect from our adoption fundraiser program. We value you as a person not a number and promise to treat you with the utmost respect.

Adoption Fundraisers-
We offer only quality, popular fun products.

Our adoption fundraisers program offers only unique exclusive natural handcrafted products. They are lovely, affordable and not overpriced and because of these factors they have a proven fundraising record. Some pictured on this page

Adoption Fundraisers- A program your your friends and supporters will love

Your girlfriends will love the pampering of Ladybug Blessings line and will gladly buy. They will be even more thrilled that a large portion of the sales helps with your adoption fundraiser! They will probably quickly volunteer to help you sale! We recommend you let them! The more your friends and family help- the faster your funds add up.

Adoption fundraisers with high profit

Using our standard sales offer you earn 50% !! and it is EASY! Hassle free.. Whether you need a few hundred dollars to pay for a home study or a few thousand. You can earn significant dollars toward your adoption with our fundraising plan.

Adoption fundraiser with immediate funds

When doing our brochure sale, You have your funds immediately as you pay us only the cost of the product. Collect money up front and you have your profit without waiting for a return check.

Adoption Fundraisers- Increasing Success!

We will tell you up front there is one key component to making our program a success.We are small enough to serve you personally and yet large enough to serve you well.

However, we are not a nationally known company. Therefore we recommend that you invest approximately $100 or less wholesale in samples to build your sales.

Once your supporters see the quality of our products your sales SOAR! This is not required but makes a huge difference.

One lady told us she didn't have time to promote our fundraiser on a certain campaign.. but she sat a basket of products and an order sheet on her desk, sent out an email, left town and returned with almost $400 in sales!! Another client showed samples to just 4 people who in turn shared their excitement with co-workers. His sales? over $900!!

Adoption fundraiser with extended earnings

We know that the adoption process is often a long process. Our adoption fundraiser program can be a part of you entire adoption process. How? Your clients will love our products and once you introduce them, folks want to know when and how they can purchase more.
You can offer our adoption fundraiser campaign seasonally. Each campaign builds your adoption funds. Some clients send an order every few weeks. Whatever you do - do a Christmas campaign

Adoption Fundraisers-Who pays shipping ?

Shipping is the responsibility of our clients. But we only charge you what UPS charges us. There is no handling fees.

If you just want to sell/order custom lip balms separately we pay shipping - Order 60 or more ...we will put them in 6 attractive boxes of 12 each and pay the shipping... you just simply ask a few friends to sell a box or 2 and EVERYONE buys lipbalms- usually 2 at a time! You make 1/2 the selling price !

Adoption fundraiser - internet based?

Yes, It can! However, we are just beginning this process. We currently recommend that you use our standard adoption fundraiser campaign for sales earning 50%. Then use the internet for friends and family, that do not live close to you. Internet adoption fundraiser orders are shipped to each individual and each supporter must note in the comments section that this is an adoption fundraiser order and who it is to be credited to you. Internet orders earn you 25% of the total order not counting shipping. Please note that you would like to participate in this part of our adoption fundraiser when you fill in the information request form.

Adoption Fundraiser -One more emphasis

We highly recommend samples to show your clients. To learn a bit more click here. More will be shared in your information packet after you request info.


Adoption fundraiser- how to get started

If you are ready for a unique approach to your adoption fundraiser. Just fill out the form below and fundraising for your adoption quickly.

Adoption Fundraisers - More Pics of the Products

Fundraiser Best Seller !!!

If you are in a great distance from KY you may want to charge a bit more to cover shipping cost.

We can change price on a brochure for this reason. NO charge for this service.

fundraiser product - loofahLoofah Soap scrub and massage bars bring a pedicure and massage to the shower daily at a fraction of the price? Do you supporters like to be pampered ? who doesn't ? This is one great pampering fundraiser product! And your group earns $4 for each one you sell!

adoption fundraiser
Simply lotion is a solid lotion bar - No water, NO mess No spill No Waste.Popular fundraiser product . Sells for $5 your organization earns $2.50 each!

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Adoption Fundraiser
unique fundraisereasy fundraiereasy fundraiser money
Start earning Today!


Adoption Fundraiser Questions & Answers

1. How long does it take to receive an adoption fundraiser order

Answer: Sample orders ship out in about 3 days or less. Your actual product order usually takes about 2 weeks to ship . Occasionally 3.

2. Who pays for shipping?

Answer: Currently the customer pays shipping .If you do a custom lipbalm fundraiser with that being your only product Ladybug Blessings will pay shipping for orders of 120 or more.

We can prepare a brochure with prices slightly higher on heavier items to offset shipping cost.

3. Is Ladybug Blessings willing to work with us on brochures.

Yes, we hope you have a source for printing these.But, if not we can fix the problem please call us!

4. What payment methods do you accept? How do we pay

Answer: Ladybug Blessings will accept cashiers checks or money orders as a preferred payment method for adoption fundraisers. In addition we will take credit care and paypal.. Once we have your order we will email an invoice payment is required before shipping the order. If this poses a problem please call us. We will work with you.

5. How does the group send in the order?

Answer: First, please combine all orders as so to have a total for each product and how many you need of each fragrance presenting one order for your adoption fundraiser's sale..
Orders may be called, faxed, mailed or ordered online.


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