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Adoption fundraisers because children are a blessing, adoption is expensive and a child deserves a loving family

Helping Bring Adopted Children Home Since 2001!


Adoption Fundraisers, Adoption Fundraising

The Adoption Fundraiser where each Adoption is handled with loving care and professional service

adoption fundraiser,adoption funding, adoption fundriasingAt Ladybug Blessings we understand the expenses, the love and your longing to give a child a home and a family. We are honored to have the opportunity to be a part of your adoption fundraiser process.

If you are adopting we know there is a great need for funds.We want to make it easier. We want to be your top choice for your adoption fundraiser . Our adoption fundraiser offers the distinctive unique touch. Your mom and your girlfriends will love helping out. They will also love the products they purchase from Ladybug Blessings.

Adoption Fundraiiser apply nowWe started adoption fundraisers after adoptive parents approached us because of our success doing other types of fundraisers. Adoption fundraisers are now one our favorite fundraisers. We are experienced and ready to help you add dollars to your adoption account to bring your child home.

Adoption Fundraiser Products of Handcrafted Distinction, Luxurious Quality and Affordability.

Adoption Fundraisers offering Spa Quality, Handcrafted,
Luxurious Bath Products at Affordable Prices ,
The Adoption Fundraisers your girlfriends will love helping you with !

Unique Fundraiser Items

adoption Fundraiser, adoption fundraising

Fireless Candles- a great way to help pay for adoption-We can custom label

Fundraisers with Simple Success!- The Lip Balms!

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Natural Lip Balm with your adoption label.. Earn 18.50 per tray of 12 ! Each $3 each sale!

Successful Fundraiser-
Our unique Lotion!
Solid convenience!

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Solid lotions_ A unique adoption fundraiser solution

Adoption Fundraiiser apply now

Adoption Fundraisers by Ladybug Blessings -
Where Your Successful Fundraiser is our Business!

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In addition to our entire line of handcrafted choice of bath products- our adoption fundraiser program now offers our best selling lipbalms and fireless candles as custom adoption fundraiser items.. Celebrating more adoptions and celebrating and helping YOUR adoption!