Sea Salt Scrub

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Sea Salt Body Srub with Sea Salt & Luxurious Coconut & Jojoba Oils

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Sea Salt Scrub Body Polish

Salt Scrub - Body Scrub - The Owner's Favorite Product!

  • Natural Body Polish- Ex-foliates, Rejuvenates, and Moisturizes in one step.
  • Not oily yet moisture intense
  • Contains Natural Glycerin.
  • 2 Sizes available. 12 and 24 oz jars
  • Pricing : 12 oz 13.99 ; 24 oz $24.99
  • Made with healthy Coconut oil ! Wonderful skin renewal properties. Contains Jojoba is a rich top end wax type oil that allows for a very luxurious finish.



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Natural Body Polish Information

Luxurious Ingredients

  • Proprietary Salt Blend including sea salt and Epsom salt. Jojoba oil, coconut oil, natural liquid soap,Vegetable Glycerin,Fragrance or essential Oil
    • Jojoba is has wide variety of properties that promote healthy skin. It is almost identical to our own skin's oil, sebum.
    • The reason this is noteworthy is because when applied to the skin, it is recognized as sebum and so the skin regulates it's own sebum production, thus balancing oil production.
    • The result is soft, glowing skin and because of the oil regulation and antibacterial properties.
    • We use natural soap for a cleansing and ex-foliating without nasty sodium laury sulfate chemicals.
    • Coconut oil- The oil is made up of about 90 percent saturated fats with traces of skin-strengthening vitamin E as well
    • Natural Glycerin- humectant drawing moisture to your skin.
    • Color Free
    • Preservative Free



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