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Loofah Soap

Loofah Soap- An Affordable Essential Luxury
Invigorating Spa,Scrub Massage & pedicure bar

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Spa Delight from the convenience of your tub or shower Skin Renewal, Massage, Exfoliation in one

Loofah Soap

Are you ready for the perfect solution to to cruddy feet?

Are you looking for refreshment? Tired of callouses? Tired of dry cracking itching feet?

Hello- Pedicure Pampering & Daily Spa treatment!

Loofah soap is handcrafted with a fresh slice of nature's finest organically grown loofah.
It is filled with soap, moisturizers and exfoliants. Then Each one is scented to perfection with a aroma you'll crave.The end result is a spa style a affordable bath luxury.

Loofah soap: The Spa in a Bag-

  • Invigorating spa scrub, Massage & pedicure bar from the convenience of your tub or shower.
  • Loofah soap is designed to make every bath a spa experience.
  • loofah Soap make even those rushed days a moment in the spa just for you.
  • Loofah Soap work to massage tired feet, sore tired shoulder muscles and as an all over soap massage in one.
  • They are an excellent body massage soap thus you can take a shower and go to the spa all at the same time! What a day!.
  • Try using your loofah soap in circular motions across tired shoulders.. ohh my.. just one try .. you'll see why Loofah Soap will will be a must in your daily routine.

Loofah Soap-Warning! Addictive! Once you have one you will always want one!

Loofah Soap - A True Foot Care Spa

  • Tired feet - Loofah Soap will instantly rejuvenate!
  • At the same time you will be getting rid of dry dead skin, cracking, calluses and more.
  • Your feet will so feel like you live at the spa!  Every time you use it .. you will be sure you are there.
  • The loofah within the soap acts as a consistent exfoliation, helping to eliminate dry and cracking and calloused feet. As the loofah exfoliates, the soap gently cleanses.

Loofah Soap -A Unique Gift!

  • Loofahs are beloved gifts at a very affordable price
  • . Each year we hear from many new clients ordering loofah who received their first one as a gift.
  • May order with gift card and ship to another address

Loofah Soap- Spa in a Bag Just $8.59 Each

beautifully packaged


Loofah Soap ingredients:

Glycerin soap, natural loofah, soap, oats,fragrance/and or essential oils, color

Loofah Soap Fragrance description found at this link

Loofah Soap Wholesale Soap Favorite

As wholesale soap choice.. you will love loofah soap. A proven record says Loofah Soap may be THE best additions you ever make to your shop!

Excellent choice for a unique gift shops, shop, salon or show sales. If you have a wholesale soap opportunity Loofah Soap should e included Click here to apply now

Loofah soap- One may not be enough!

Just one might not be in the guest bathroom is a nice treat.The mommy to be appreciates a loofah soap gift ,loofah soaps are a great addition to any gift basket. and much more.

Also, Travel often? May want an extra... we heard of some very disappointed travelers who forgot to pack


Loofah Soap- Our Customers Speak

Just wanted to let you know that I purchased some items from your booth at the EXPO.  They are marvelous!!!!!!!  I tried the loofah yesterday.  My feet feel great.  I am going to purchase more items.  I also told my sisters about your web site.  You are a hidden secret here in Frankfort.  Keep up the good work .Sharon

Thanks very much!  I love your loofahs!  They are awesome and cured my dried feet from wearing sandals all summer!  I will definitely recommend your products  Lana, Everything was great with the Loofah order. They smell so wonderful

I have run out of loofah bars which is both a blessing and an uh oh :) People are wild about these and have been buying your stuff like wild!

Loofah Soap-

Handcrafted in the USA in the Heart of the Kentucky Bluegrass since 1999

Handmade in the USA in Made In America
Hancrafted In Ky
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