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Wholesale Soap- Unique Wholesale Soap for your Unique shop!
Wholesale Soap by Ladybug Blessings- Proven Record! Variety! Quality

Wholesale Soap offering you the finest of Luxurious Natural Handmade Soaps for your Business

Wholesale Soap:The Ladybug Blessings Line

handmade soaps, soaps handmade, handmade soaps from natural ingredients, handmade soaps with beutiful colors and aromasDo you feel like you have searched everywhere for a unique wholesale soap company focused on serving you?
A wholesale soap company offering options and variety? Looking for a wholesale Soap that feels so good it will bring your customer back for more? Welcome to Ladybug Blessings- Your Wholesale Soap Choice!

wholesale soap apply nowIs it also important that that your wholesale soap have a aroma that simply leaves customers raving? A feel of silk?
Competitive wholesale pricing? Personal Service? Eye appeal and the Best of Natural products?
If so you start using Ladybug Blessings as your wholesale soap company today!

Wholesale Soap - Variety of unique old fashion cold process soaps .

wholesale soap, wholesale old fashion cold process soap

Offering natural essential oil aromas and quality fragrance choices.

Wholesale Soap- Best Seller Loofah Soaps -

wholesale soap, wholesale loofah soap

The Loofah Soap Spa in the Bag Soap- Best Seller- Get yours now!

Wholesale Soap -

Oatmeal Soap

wholesale soap, oatmeal soap

Best selling favorite of the most skin sensitive clientele! THE solution for dry itchy skin!


Wholesale Soap Logs
Soap Bricks

wholesale soap, wholesale soap log

Wholesale Soap- Naked Bars

Wholesale Soap- Attractive Labeling

wholesale soap, labeled attractively

The finest soap- attractively labeled. Affordably priced

Wholesale Soap- Bulk Orders available

Experienced in Bulk Orders, Soap Logs and Private Label

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Wholesale Soap - The Ladybug Blessings Way

Handmade soap carefully and luxuriously crafted at the most affordable prices has been the Ladybug Blessings passion for over 10 years. We believe every product should nourish , refresh and renew your skin. Quality natural soaps are the most moisturizing bath solution and we offer them wholesale to qualified buyers! Your customers can now forget about dry skin enjoy living in their skin without constant bothersome itch and dryness.

Our goal is always to meet your need and exceed your expectations. We thank you for visiting our wholesale soap page and look forward to to earning the the honor of being your premier wholesale soap and wholesale bath products choice. About us in brief :

  • Wholesale Soap - Unique bath spa products from our original formulations have earned us a renown reputation for luxurious quality
  • Handcrafted in the heart of the Kentucky Bluegrass with Luxurious natural oils and butters- No filler oils in soap or any of our bath and body line!!
  • Unsurpassed sensory pleasing aroma using essential oils when possible. High quality fragrances if it is not
  • 100% Sodiumlaurylsulfate free
  • Petroleum Free
  • Over 10 years of completely handcrafting soap and more from our original formulations.
  • Bath products for all needs-
  • Attractive practical labeling, affordable prices! Spa quality.
  • Small minimums!
  • Speak to a Representative: Monday- Friday 9-5 Eastern TIme
  • Large enough to serve you well small enough to serve you personally.

Wholesale Soap - Apply here for Wholesale Soap Info and Pricing

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to request information and wholesale approval

Wholesale Soap- Your Choices with Ladybug Blessings

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When it Comes to Wholesale Soap- We can meet your needs!

handmade soaps, handmade soap, natural handmade soap

Wholesale Soap Proven sales record

Ladybug Blessings Company is now beyond our 13 th year.

We supply a variety of very satisfied clients

. Most of our client base is consistent repeat customers. Rest assured we offer only the finest.

As a business owner for over 20 years we have a solid understanding of what it takes to meet your needs

Wholesale Soaps- The Quality

'Just got my order.  WOW !!  I love the soaps" Cindy

'Was in Eastern Kentucky visiting family, bought your handcrafted soap "Orange Sage" at the Rusty Hinge ....wonderful!!!!- Cheryl


I wanted to let you know that I loved your soaps and that I intend to purchase more. I bought these in covington at the main strauss festival.  You have a wonderful product.


Handmade Soaps - The Heartbeat of our Company.

Handmade Soaps are a passion here! After 35 years of dry itchy skin only to discover that handmade soaps and natural bath products could make the difference our passion became to carefully handcraft and offer you the very finest selection of handmade soaps you will find anywhere.

Wholesale Soap- How many choices?

We offer one of the widest varieties of quality wholesale soap choices you will find anywhere: Choose from

All of this is brought to you in over 35 aroma choices
We try to work with wholesale soap special requests!

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Wholesale Soap
Thank you for Visiting!

Thank you for visiting Ladybug Blessings Wholesale Soap Page !

We look forward to serving you!

Bath Products- The Why of our Unique and Natural Line

Ladybug Blessings exist solely to bless and serve you. We offer a complete line of unique top quality wholesale soap . With over 13 years in the soap business crafting soap that has continues to sell very well in a variety of venues. We are prepared to meet your wholesale soap needs.

We carefully handcraft each product from nature finest ingredients to insure you get a spa quality wholesale soap line to bring customers back time and time again.We are willing to earn your business!.

Wholesale Soap- Excellence Always!

Ladybug Blessings quality is an imperative;to meet your needs and exceed expectations is our ever present goal. A product your customer will recommend to a friend and return to purchase again is what we deliver.We have fulfilled this goal one bar at time thousands and thousands of times.handmade soaps, soaps handmade, handmade soaps from natural ingredients, handmade soaps with beutiful colors and aromas

Wholesale Soap- How we achieve our goals

Each and every soap batch is made with our tried and true recipe formulated for the best in moisturizing skin loving feel. We us only top quality natural oils. All handcrafted bath soaps are made with old fashion cold process methods.

We don't stop there we also in include goat milk and real silk. Plus a high percentage superfat for a bar that is unsurpassed in bathing pleasure. Did we mention shea butter? It's there too! As we said, A product your customer will recommend to a friend and return to purchase again is our goal.We have fulfilled this goal one bar at time thousands and thousands of times. Choosing Ladybug Blessings as your wholesale soap company means your client get the best.

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 Wholesale Soap- Quality and Affordability & Building your business

Our goal is not to offer a cheap soap but rather a top quality product at a very affordable price. We feel ingredients and more are important in producing a wholesale soap for you that will generate soap sales to build your business. This means top skin conditioning oils, unsurpassed aromas, eye appeal and packaging options that will be affordable even in tough economic times. Our wholesale soap sales prove this plan works.

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Wholesale Soap Company Serving You our Priority

As a family owned business, we value the opportunity to personally serve you. With some 20 years of business ownership we know how important your business is to you.  

At Ladybug Blessings we believe in  a "Partnership of Blessings"  which in short means- we honor our  beliefs in quality, service & value. You will never be treated like a number because we still value courtesy, respect and personal relationships.

We desire to be large enough to serve you well and small enough to serve you personally. Click to request wholesale soap info now

Wholesale Soap- request information

If you are looking for a unique wholesale soap company supplying the finest in wholesale soap with exquisite,handmade  unique natural touch please fill in the form below- completely

< We will be in touch with you soon. If you would like to personally speak with us, please call us. You will get to speak to a real person quickly or a real person will return your call. More product information is found below the form

When you are approved as a wholesale soap client you will receive an email with a link to our wholesale site along with a user name and password for access.

Blessings Always,
Lana Southwood

Handmade Soaps- Quality, Luxury, Affordability

Quality ingredients and precise recipes formulated from careful study of the vast properties of natural oils were and continue to be the essential components of developing our natural handmade soaps line. We are dedicated to offering the best! The best in moisture, the best in natural oils. Great soaps- great feel, great look- Nothing less. And all of it at an affordable price- so you can truly enjoy ! See Handmade Soaps ingredient list .
Only $5.50 per bar fully and beautifully packaged.

Wholesale Soap - Our Best Selling Natural Luxury-
THE Loofah Soap
Instant Pedicure Massage in tub or shower!

bath products loofah soap

A Most Unique addition to your Bath Products- Our Loofah Soap brings a daily spa pedicure experience to the shower. Call good bye to callouses..hell-o beautiful massaged luxury treated feet! Destined to be your new wholesale soap best seller!

oatmeal soap

Wholesale Soap for the most Sensitive Skin-Soothing Oatmeal Soap

Dry itchy sensitive skin? Our oatmeal Soap filled with soothing natural oats just the solution you've been looking for.

Wholesale Soap - Excellence in Handcrafted Soaps

Our Famous Handcrafted Soap for when you have battled dry skin long enough!

Wholesale soap with plenty of choices ! Custom requests! Great Scents ! Eye appeal! Quality ingredients! and more!

. Because I battled extremely dry skin..our soap is formulated moisture rich with NO filler oils.

Natural Handcrafted Soaps are chunked full of the finest skin loving oils including Shea butter, jojoba, & More! Plus REAL silk for silk finish and soothing goat milk in every bar!

Wholesale Soap Logs! Wholesale Soap Bricks!

wholesale soap

We offer a full line of wholesale soap logs and wholesale soap bricks. Wholesale logs available in 12 - 24 inch lengths. Complete wholesale log info on our wholesale soap site!

wholesale soap logs

Wholesale Bath Gel - Natural Liquid Soap

wholesale natural soapOur Natural wholesale Bath Gel is a true liquid soap with no sodiumlaurylsulfate other harsh unnecessary chemicals. It lather with rich oils for total bath luxury.

It is now available in both 8 and 4 oz sizes.

The 4 oz size is a wholesale bath gel favorite!

Pure natural soap - NO Sodiumlarylsulfate

NO filler oils! To Learn more: Natural Shower Gel
We also now offer a liquid hand soap to our wholesale clients

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