Lotion Bars
lotion bars

Lotion Bars Handmade by Ladybug Blessings

Lotion Bars -The solid solution to all your dry skin woes

Lotion Bars & Lotion Bar Sticks-Truly Gourmet Skin Food!

Lotion Bars- incredibly Convenient Lotion!

Lotion Bars- The most convenient lotion you will ever own

Lotion Bars by Ladybug Blessings Why all the rave?

Why the rave? The feel & the clarity of the aroma. Yes, our Lotion Bars are silky smooth, perfectly scented gourmet skin food. Our Lotion Bars are filled with natural skin loving oils and butters, that make them unsurpassed at protecting, moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Yet, last, but not least, our they are not greasy and are absorbed into the skin quickly. And oh so convenient

Lotion Bars- How many uses can this thing have

What are the uses for our Lotion Bars?
Lotion bars fit nicely in and are most convenient for

Lotion Bars- instructions for use

To use: simply remove the Lotion Bars disk from container. Swipe hands over it only 1- 2 times- Lotion Bars are quite concentrated and a little goes a long way. It melts when applied to skin. Place it back in the plastic case. Lasts as long as approximately 2 bottles of liquid lotion Or try our Lotion Bars stick- lasting like 4 bottles of lotion with push up ease dispensing. Lotion Bars may also be purchased on our Hand Lotion Page and may feature additional fragrances on the Hand Lotion Page

Lotion Bars -You will want more than one!

Lotion Bars- The Rave!

bath productsI just received your product and love the solid lotions so much. I am sharing them with my daughters and also some friends
bath products

.I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the products you are carrying containing emu oil. I have had type 4 MS for the past 3 years. (This is the type that progresses very quickly & does not have remissions). I have had spastic muscle tremors for over a year now. They cause excruciating pain in my knee & hip joints.

My mother-in-law recently visited your booth at the EXPO & bought each of us one of your solid lotion products containing emu oil. I had always heard that emu oil was very helpful in treating painful joints, but had never tried it until then. She gave me your Dreamsicle solid lotion. I have a terrible time with dry skin on my legs, so I was more than ready to try it just for that alone. About 5 minutes after I put it on my legs, the pain seemed to ease up in my knee joints. The dry skin on my legs was gone after the second application. I couldn't believe it! I consider emu oil to be a true 'miracle' for me. I can only imagine what the emu oil straight from the bottle will do for me. I couldn't be happier with the results. As I am confined to a wheelchair, this is the most normal my legs have looked in nearly 8 months. I will definitely keep using your products. Thanks.


I bought some of your “Simply Lotion” at the Twilight Festival on August 13th of this year. One of my coworkers has claimed it as her own. She really likes the product as do I.

Thank you Lana for responding back so quickly and taking the time to call as well! I have placed another order for the same products--my friends at work just love the solid lotion bar I had brought in to work (we're nurses and I think our hands will greatly appreciate the moisture that bar puts back into them). So thank you once again for the speedy reply!
Susan Hilliart.

Lotion Bars By Ladybug Blessings Intro

A well loved favorite! Our Lotion Bar sales now number in the tens of thousand thanks to our clients from coast to coast recommending our lotions to their friends.

We invite you to be our next satisfied customer. One try and you will soon understand the rave of our Simply Lotion™ solid Lotion Bars and our new Lotion Bars stick

Lotion Bars- Quick Info

Lotion Bars- 2 Convenient Sizes

Lotion Bars -Ladybug Blessing's Original Small Flats

The small lotion bars- Our original!

small flat 1 oz $5

Most say this one lasts like 2-3 bottles liquid lotion

Extremely Convenient

Durable Case

Lotion Bars - Large Glide Stick Style


Larger Stick $10
Approx. 1.75 oz.
Lasts more than twice as long as the small flats due to even less waste
Easier to dispense especially for those with arthritic tendencies

Lotion Bars- What makes it an effective choice?

What makes the product so effective? Simply Lotion™ solid Lotion Bars contains a carefully chosen blend of premium natural skin nourishing oils including jojoba & sweet almond plus shea, mango & cocoa butters. Then we add just beeswax to give it staying power. Emu Oil is added for its many skin nourishing properties and its reputation for relieving sore stiff joints. Our Lotion Bars is our original formulation and we worked diligently to make sure it was perfect. It is very soothing ,not sticky, not heavy, non greasy. Each and every fragrance is true to name and earns raving customer comments.

Lotion Bars- well Formulated

Our special lotion bar formulation offers you the rich protective moisture of premium oils and butter plus an aroma that will delight your senses. You will be amazed by the quality of our product and the clarity of each aroma. Our lotion bars nourish your skin with the best in natural silky skin loving oils with all the characteristics of fine gourmet skin food.
Lotion Bar ingredient list

Lotion Bars- the ingredients

Beeswax, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, emu oil, vitamin E, essential oil &?or fragrance, may contain color

Lotion Bars- Purchase here

Just fill in the selections and quantities you want and leave the rest blank


Lotion Bars Are an excellent Foot Care products

Lotion bars make excellent intensive foot care lotion. Peppermint and Eucayptus are foot care favorites.

Lotion Bars Featured on our Gifts Under $10 Page

Purchase Lotion bars as gifts on our gifts under $10 page ..

Lotion Bars with Emu Oil

Our lotion bars contain emu oil, Emu oil is one of two major transdermal oils in the handcrafted bath and body industry. It is my far the best and soaks in to relieve sore stiff joints.

Emu is also and excellent skin soothing oil.

If ordering lotions because of pain issues we recommend trying Peppermint or Eucalptus scents as those essential oils have natural soothing relief components.

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