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awakenBlend of "clean" from European spas. a classic blend reserved for body washes in the spas of Germany, France, and Belgium.

Awaken is an upscale blend of fresh, invigorating leafy greens & florals, basil, citrus, amber, and musk. A brilliant, invigorating, and sparkling scent. Has received rave reviews in our test market with test marketers constantly reordering and raving.

Kentucky Mint Julep

Welcome to our celebration of our Famous Derby Heritage. A subtle aroma of a fresh sprig of spearmint from real spearmint essential oil. Sweetly refreshing. Excellent in our entire line.

Sunrise Beach

A New Best Seller !!

Fresh! Clean! Tropical! Touch of Citrus

Welcome to an amazing tropical experience. Sunrise at the Beach ! It is spring tropical freshness every day! Notes of peach, papaya and mango topped off with the freshness of a sweet ripe grapefruit. Sampling has yielded rave reviews

Fresh Summer Melon

After 13 years in business this is one of the best melon scents I have ever found.

It if very clean and fresh. It has notes of cucumber to add freshness to the luscious cantaloupe and melon notes that round it out to perfection

Genuine Leather

This is the leather fragrance we have long searched for! It is genuine! The very embodiment of the aroma of the finest leather shop.
If you love the smell of a fresh new leather item...this will be that experience every single day.! Strong! Real!
Makes you feel like you live on a real Texas ranch

Wildcat Celebration

Wildcat Collection --After all, This is a Kentucky shop. This scent line is a celebration of our UK heritage. Created for all those who bleed blue.

Actual scent is our denim - a cool water fragrance.. very clean.
Bar soap is uk blue and white
Loofahs, candles etc. are solid blue

Salt is a blue and white blend.
Launched fall 09- already selling like mad! But, in KY..we bleed BLUE!

Also Lip Balm to celebrate the Cats Big 2012 NCAA win- A must have for All UK fans


Ladybug Blessings is so excited about our new "Ban-da-Bugz

"Ban-da-Bugz" represents extensive research and testing to bring you a most effective product.

Ladybug Blessings Tried & True Natural Bug Relief is a new Best Seller in all of our test markets!

Years in the making we are now proud to offer you an effective bug relief !

Commercial Bug Repellant is often a chemical filled health hazard.
Many times filled with dangerous Deet.

There is a better way- Nature's Way! And it is now brought to you by Ladybug Blessings! You will love having deet free, family safe bug relief fresh from Nature and Ladybug Blessings!

Order Now and Ban-da-Bugz from your summer Fun

New Lip Balms!

4 Excellent New Flavors VERY VERY VERY true to Name!

Good enough to eat!:

Orange Sorbet
Bubble Gum
Wildcat Celebration

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ukAlso Lip Balm to celebrate the Cats Big 2012 NCAA win- A must have for All UK fans


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