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Natural Lip Balm, Lip Balm, Wholesale lip balm

Natural Lip Balm made with 100% Natural therapeutic oils -
No Filler Oils, the best in lip care from the very best natural ingredients

Natural Lip Balm -Lip Balm for those who demand the very best

Sold as fast as we can fill tubes
Wholesale Lip Balm
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Natural Lip balm - Now in 10 Flavors and Still Adding!

Original Spearmintnatural lip balm, natural spearmint lip balm made with real spearmint essential oil
Buttercrunch Caramelnatural lip balm, buttercrunch lip balm
Peppermint Swirlnatural Pepppermint lip Balm, Peppermint lip balm
Orange SorbetOrange sorbet lip balm
Hazelnut Lattenatural lip balm, hazelnut lip balm,latte lip balm
Wildcat Celebrationkentucky lip balm, wildcat lipbalm
Cherry Berry Fizzcherry lip balm, natural cherry  lip balm
Bubble GumBubble Gum lip balm, Bubble Gum lip balm
Dreamsiclelip balm - dreamsicle
Sangria FunNatural Lip Balm - Sangria Fun

Natural Lip Balm- Handcrafted, Soothing, No Cheap Filler Oils

Are you looking for a natural lip balm that really works to soothe and moisturize dry chapped lips

Would you be even more pleased if it also did an excellent job of preventing chapped lips and protecting? If so, then you are looking for Ladybug Blessings natural lip balm.. Our customers are raving about this product. We welcome you to try it just once and join them.

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***If you ordered a mix pack of LB flavors- list flavors here

Natural Lip Balm -A Very Simple Fundraiser

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Natural Lip balm- Fundraiser options

Natural Lip Balm can be an excellent fundraiser and is a proven success in our Incredibly successful Fundraiser program>
We offer custom labeling for your group. Organization earns $1.50 per tube. And we provide boxes that contain 1 dozen each and are incredibly easy to carry for a quick on the spot sale

Natural Lip Balm Customer Comments

    I have already used the lip balm and love it, my lips feel much better than they did yesterday.
    -Amanda K

    Also, that lip balm you gave me is some good stuff!!!!  Do you have that in another form, like an ointment?  in addition to clearing up chapped lips in a day or two, it is really good for those extra rough spots on skin.  My mom has dermatitis or something on her elbows and they are really scaly.  I put that lip balm on them and the difference was incredible.  So, just let me know what you have and when I might pick my new order up.

    'I purchased your lip balm,and I can safely say ,its the best I have used.  My lips get so dry usually, and since I've started using your lip balms,they stay nice  and moist.' Joan

    The lip balm is nice =- Karen


wholesale lip balm, lip balm wholesale
Natural Lip Balm - Wholesale

We offer wholesale lip balm
Apply on our wholesale bath and body

Wholesale Lip Balm


Lip Balm - Wholesale Comments

had another great day today.  I need to ask if you would have an extra 12 lip balms? People LOVE them.  I have had several people come in asking for them, that their friend had bought some

Sarah confirmed with me that we got our lip balm shipment in, thank you very much.  Sarah tells me that the lip balm itself is very nice, she likes it better than what we had before which is great. 

Natural Lip Balm