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Natural Bath Product
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Moisturizing Smooth & Creamy Natural Bath Product
 Made from an Enriched blend of Certified Organic oils


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A Natural Bath Product- Nature at its Best

 Whether your eyes have just come open and you're ready to start the day or a long day is just  about to end with a relaxing bath. Our natural shower gel will add a touch of luxury always bringing  the clean refreshment of the gentle rain showers  to your skin, with fragrances  so delightful it immediately awakens your senses, makes you smile. But, that's not all you'll experience the a cleansing with an essence of silk  and a rich lather to add to the joy. All of this was brought  to you naturally by way of pure natural oils and  without commercial bath chemicals.That refreshing feel and the joy of the aroma will linger with you. Welcome to a  superior natural bath product - bath and shower gel from Ladybug Blessings.


What makes Our Natural Bath and Shower Gel a superior natural bath product?

   A superior  natural bath product must contain superior quality natural oils. Therefore, our bath and shower gel  begins with a castile and aloe blend  using certified organic olive and aloe oils. These oils are soothing, gentle and attract external moisture. Thereby your rainkissed  feeling skin will remain all day.  We then finish  with the added richness  of  jojoba, castor and more. Jojoba is most like the natural oil of your skin, castor adds emollient properties for a silky smooth finish. . This combination assures   you  have a bath and  shower gel  to  pamper and nourish your skin with intense moisture.  Whether you  choose aromatherapy scents made from  pure essential oils or a quality fragrance, we offer  the most sensory pleasing aromas  you will find anywhere with an unsurpassed luxurious silky smooth finish and eye appealing colors.  Our blend is a sodiumlaurylsulfate  free bath and shower gel choice.


 Why is important that natural bath products be sodium lauryl sulfate free ?

Because, Sodiumlaurylsulfate is a harsh, drying, skin irritant chemical  that saturates the commercial bath market. It is the chemical that makes the commercial bath market lather.  It is usually not just an ingredient but rather one of the first ingredients in commercial  bath and shower gel, as well as shampoos, it is even hidden in toothpaste, deodorant etc. This means that this harsh chemical makes up the most of that bath product. Many believe as I do that it is not only harsh but is also a cancer causing agent. Some research has  shown  it to remain with you approximately 6 weeks every time you use it.

 That's only the beginning of understanding the many reasons to choose a Natural bath product

 Our bath and shower gel lathers well without using harsh chemicals but rather using  oils perfectly suited for natural bath products made to nourish your skin.


Additional notes about our natural bath products & your  bath and shower gel.

Our skin is our largest organ and deserves to be treated well. Ladybug Blessings bath and

shower gel offers you a healthier natural bath product choice. Every bottle  is handmade to

insure superior quality.


  Ladies,  whatever you are currently using to shave your legs will quickly fade in comparison  to our bath and shower gel  You will love the feel!  The razor simply glides ! Try it today for the  creamiest smoothest, most moisturizing leg shave you have ever had- Prepare to be addicted !!


Own a shop? 

We offer Our  Natural Bath and Shower Gel as a popular new wholesale addition  and sure seller to add to your natural bath product line.


 Packaged in an attractive 8 oz bottle with a flip top lid for ease. Small amount goes a long way


Switch to a healthy natural product
Order Ladybug Blessings Natural bath and shower gel

    Qty  :    Only $9.99 each 

  Other natural bath product favorite- Our natural handmade soap  for even more of nature's luxuries




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