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"The Bless My Tired Feet"

Ladybug Blessings is proud to offer a renown line of foot care products. Each is uniquely handcrafted with the finest healthy natural ingredients. We use pure butters, oils, natural loofahs, salts and quality essential oils.
Try our "Bless My Tired Feet" foot care line. A Foot Care Collection with one of the largest varieties & finest quality on the internet

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Foot Care - Quality, Relief & a Pep in Your Step

Yes, we truly are one of the largest and most popular foot care product collections on the internet. Ladybug Blessings "Bless My Tired Feet" boasts almost 20 years of offering foot care that puts the pep back in your step quickly.

Ladybug Ble offer Natural foot care at it's best- For almost 20 years we have continued to improve foot care products so we can be the end of your search for relief for tired aching feet (and sore muscles)!

Each is uniquely handcrafted with purpose withthe finest healthy natural ingredients to insure revitalizing, refreshing soothing relief that last for hours.

Pure butters, oils, natural loofahs, salts and quality essential oils means a quality for a top rated product everytime.

Popular with diabetics. No medical claims here... but we get calls from customers who love them and reorder every day! 

Try our "Bless My Tired Feet" foot care line today and discover why we call it the "Bless My Tired Feet" Line

*Made with the Finest Natural oils & Real Natural Peppermint & Eucalyptus Oils

*Fully Handcrafted in small Batches. All Original Formulations.

*Paraben Free Preservative



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Foot Cream & Scrub- Best Sellers

Peppermint Foot Cream 8 oz- $14.99
Peppermint Foot Cream 4 oz- $7.89
Peppermint Foot Scrub $14.99 / 8oz jar
Peppermint Foot Scrub New Small 4 oz $7.89

Cooling Foot Spray

Cooling Foot Spray $8.99

Your Loofah Spa Foot Care Delight

Peppermint Loofah Soap Scrub and Massage Bar $8.50 each

Soaking Relief Foot Care

Peppermint Foot Soak - 16 oz size $12.95 each
Lavender & Tea Tree Foot Soak - Lg 16 oz size $12.95

NEW Peppermint Foot Wash

Peppermint Foot Wash 8 oz !0.95
Peppermint Foot Wash 4 oz 7.99

Foot Care Solid Lotions-Convenient Non Spill Travel Perfect

Peppermint Foot Lotion - Natural Lotion Stick $10.95
Peppermint Foot Lotion- Solid Lotion Bar $5.99

New Foot Care Gifts here!

Foot Care product descriptions can be found below:

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Featuring the Products of our Collection

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Peppermint Spa in Bag
Loofah Soaps!

Sure to create an addiction!
A pedicure in the shower everyday!

A full fragrance of collection of available here

  • The Spa in a Bag Treat removes callouses, massages tired feet.
  • What if one foot care product gave you could allow you the feeling of pedicure and spa every day?
  • What if it offer a to have a foot massage every day in the privacy or your shower?
  • What if your feet looked at felt like you lived at the pedicure shop?
  • Our unique loofah soap will do just that and more. Tired of dry calluses? or dry cracking feet? They will be gone in a short time with our loofah soap scrub and massage bar.
  • Price Only $8.59 Bar size 6 oz
  • Purchase your Peppermint foot care loofah now from this page 
  • Complete fragrance selection from our loofah soap page.

Peppermint Loofah Spa in A Bag $8.59each

Foot Scrub

Ready for your tired feet to feel like dancing? Peppermint scrub by Ladybug Blessings will make your feet feel like dancing!!Real natural peppermint soaked defoliants massage away the blahs and re-energize you as your feet come alive.

  • The perfect natural foot care product to ex-foliate, and rejuvenate
  • Effects last for hours.
  • Apply Our Peppermint foot cream after your scrub for a total spa experience.
  • Completely handcrafted.
  • Learn more by visiting the peppermint foot scrub page 

Peppermint Foot Scrub $14.99 / 8oz jar
Peppermint Foot Scrub New Small 4 oz $7.89

foot care, cooling foot spray, cooling foot mist, peppermint foot care

Cooling Foot Spray

Cooling Refreshing Mist for Tired Burning Fee

  • Tired burning feet? Cooling Foot Spray is just the foot care they need
    • Give your feet a quick pick me up anytime.
    • Made with both peppermint and eucalyptus oil
    • Your feet feel refreshed and the burning stops. Also fights foot odor.
    • Order Now $8.99 each - size 4 fluid oz 
  • Learn more Cooling Foot Spray page
  • Cooling Foot Spray $8.99

     peppermint foot soak , foot care, natural foot care, foot soak

    Foot Soak

    • When was the last time you took time for a foot soak?
    • Our foot soak is the way to care for your exhausted feet and rejuvenate your whole body at the same time. 
    • Don't have time for a foot soak? .. Just simply take our Peppermint foot soak salt, place in a pan of warm water and..well while you watch TV or your favorite sport .. be good to yourself.
    • Our salt blend helps to both relax and relieve soreness.
    • Order Peppermint for great rejuvenation.
    • Order Lavender & Tea Tree for fighting fungus and infections .
    • Lavender is a nice relaxing touch..
    • But whatever you do ..order today and treat yourself to a foot care product that will leave you rejuvenated for hours.
    • Price $12.95 -Jar weighs approximately 18 oz 
    • Buy now


    Peppermint Foot Soak 16 oz $12.95
    Lavender & Tea Tree Foot Soak - Lg 16 oz size $12.95 each

    foot lotion stick, peppermint foot lotion stick,  peppermint foot lotion

    Solid Lotion Foot Care Stick

    Foot Care Lotion - Extremely Convenient

    Peppermint Foot Lotion - Natural Lotion Stick $10.95

    Peppermint Silk Foot Lotion-Coming soon

    Hopefully by Nov 29


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    Foot Care Gifts!

    Solid Lotion Bars

    Solid Lotion Solution to the Dry skin Woes! No waste-No Mess - No Spill Unique - Distinctive- Useful

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