Create Your Own Gift Basket

Create Your Own Gift Basket

Just the Way you want it At Ladybug Blessings.

Luxurious Gift Baskets at Affordable Prices!

Create Your Own Gift Basket at Ladybug Blessings and choose every detail of that special gift.

Create Your Own Gift Basket

Order Now and Customize your Entire Basket

Featured On ABC News!abcQuality Made in America Gift List Christmas 2010

Create Your Own Gift Basket Assistance

We will gladly assist you by phone in putting together your special basket
Call M-F 10am-5pm
Eastern Time.

Create Your own Gift Basket- Unique Handcrafted Spa Products Collection

Fill your basket with lovely unique Quality Handcrafted items your reciepent will love! Order now

Create Your Own Gift Basket Product Selection

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Create Your Own Gift Basket: Featured Gift Items

Pictures of some popular choices:

They will love it! Unique Loofah Soap-Perfect for all occasions

Foot Care Gifts
Foot Care Products

Natural Shea Butter Cream

bath gel

Bath Gel

gift basket item

Solid Lotions

Wholesale Gift Basket Supplier

Create Your Own Gift Basket- Your Way!

create your own gift

Create Your Own Gift Basket : Why Choose Ladybug Blessings

create a gift basket


Create Your Own Gift Basket with unique handcrafted products

create your own gift basketWhen you create a gift basket at Ladybug Blessings you can rest assured it will be an original!

Fill it with original distinctive handcrafted products, with a feel of the spa and fragrances they will love.

We get a large percentage of our repeat business from clients who first received our products in a gift!

Create Your Own Gift Basket Order Link

Create your Own Gift Basket at a price You like!  

Ladybug Blessings Create your own gift basket makes it both affordable and luxurious.

Total luxury is standard. But, you choose the amount you spend.

We have a gift box gift basket option that looks nice with a few as 2 products. You can also choose up to 8-10 items of luxurious extravaganza.

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Create Your Own Gift Basket and create a unique gift for anyone!

Unique! Handcrafted! Luxurious! Spa feel! Everyone loves it!

Everyone loves to relax and we all love special attention. For holidays, birthdays, Christmas, weddings, honeymoons, teacher appreciation, mothers day, valentines- create your own gift basket from Ladybug Blessings and make someone's day!

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Create Your Own Gift Basket
& leave the hassle to us!

create your own gift

The choices are yours the hassle will be ours. You don't leave home, you don't spend hours searching, you don't stand in the post office line.

You simply take about 5 minutes to build your own gift basket on our customized gift baskets order form page and you are done!.

Create Your Own Gift Basket- Luxurious Collections


Beautiful luxuriouos Gift Basket created and shipped before and picture shot a couple of years ago

Create Your Own Gift Basket - Spa Gift Creation


Create Your Own Gift Basket - A Christmas Creation

Create Your Own Gift Basket : A Review

create a gift basketNeed a company to create and send a gift you can be proud of? Do you want it to look just perfect? Would you like it to be filled with unique items they will love and then shipped with care to your special person? Ladybug Blessings is the place to CREATE YOUR OWN GIFT BASKET YOUR OWN WAY -Especially for that special someone- and have it delivered just your way

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