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Bath Soap- A Great Bath at a Great Price

Luxuriously Natural Handmade Bath Soap at very affordable prices

Bath Soap- Our Handcrafted Soap-For When you just want great Soap at a Great Price for Great Bath!

Bath soap sold on this page is the same as the same wonderful Ladybug Blessings Bath Soap we sell throughout this site. But, here on the bath soap page you can save money by purchasing our great bath soap in odd cuts and simpler packaging so you get the very best bath at the very best deal . After all if you are simply addicted to the quality handmade soap- it is the bath you want ..not the packaging.

To purchase our outstanding Bath Soap packaged in lovely packaging for soap gift,
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Good for your Skin






Bath Soap
All the Details :

  • Price Only $4.75 each
  • Bars are at least . 3.5 oz - a savings of almost a $1over our packaged prices.
  • Cuts- slightly smaller,larger, or different shaped,maybe slightly flawed cosmetically,
  • Order Bath Soap Now. Bath Soap - A great bath at a great price
  • Packaging - simple- just a little white or cellophane bag or with a fragrance label and or a company label
  • if we don't currently have odd bars of fragrance you requested we reserve the right to automatically substitute something close.
  • You are welcome to make suggestions in the comments when checking out..we will do our best!
  • If we have 2-3 small cuts that equal this size they will be bundled and sold as 1 bath soap bar.
  • This is equal to our ever popular 5/$25 show special !!!!!!!!!!
  • If you want soap packaged with lovely labeling etc. please purchase from our handmade soaps page Price on handmade soap page $5.50
  • Bath soap yes,-ONLY $4.75 each for Pure luxury ..( that may be experiencing current cosmetic difficulties )
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Bath Soap - Pure Luxury


Bath soap contains luxurious skin softening goat milk, Real silk, shea and more

handmade soaps

Bath Soap- Our Customers Speak

bath soap

'Just got my order.  WOW !!  I love the soaps" Cindy

'Was in Eastern Kentucky visiting family, bought your handcrafted soap "Orange Sage" at the Rusty Hinge....wonderful!!!!- Cheryl


I wanted to let you know that I loved your soaps and that I intend to purchase more. I bought these in covington at the main strauss festival.  You have a wonderful product.


Bath Soap by Ladybug Blessings- Thank you for visiting our Page

Thank you for visiting our Ladybug Blessings bath soap page. Our goal is always to meet your need and exceed your expectations. We love serving you!

Bath Soap-Great Bath Soap-Bargain Basement-

bath soap

In the process of making all our great soap and shipping it all across the country we have lots of odd cuts,odd ends,some bars that accidentally get cut just slightly small etc. Each of these "odd" bath soap bars has the same oils, same fragrance and same colorings as our regular soap.

So, we decided to create this page just to bless both you our customers and help clear our shelves .Friends, family and some long time show customers have long relished the opportunity to buy our "cosmetically challenged" cuts and pieces at significant savings .. we want all our customers to have the same opportunity. So we created this special bath soap just for that purpose! A bargain basement if you please.
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Order Bath Soap Now. Bath Soap - A great bath at a great price

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Bath Soap- A Real Deal:

So when you just need bath soap for great bath..,you know the kind of bath that makes you get out of the tub with great feeling skin and you want it a great price purchase it on this page!
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More info..just keep reading

Bath Soap ingredients:

Saponified oils of coconut, palm kernal, rice bran,shea butter, jojoba, castor, palm stearic, canola, plus real natural silk fibers, goat milk, essential oils and or fragrance. some contain color
Fragrance description found at this link

Bath Soap -Purchase here: $4.75 each

Bath Soap- some things just don't belong

First, of all it is important as to what we do NOT add. We do not add commercial lathering chemicals which dry your skin
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Bath Soap- the starting of a great soap

So what does go into Ladybug Blessings bath soap? We use oils of palm, coconut and castor to create a base for a rich lather. Again, fresh natural oils - not a commercial chemicals.

Bath Soap- Adding more luxury

 bath soap bath soap

Then,We add real natural silk fibers so your skin feels soft and silky at the end of your bath. All of our bath soaps contain goat milk because of its many skin health factors and what it adds to the feel. We also make each bath soap bar rich in shea butter and jojoba oil. Click here is you would like to
Order Bath Soap Now. Bath Soap - A great bath at a great price

Bath soap - Finished with Lots of extra moisture

Plus we superfat at at least 8%. What does that mean to you when you buy soap? Simply put in terms that you understand.. it means there are generous amounts of these oils left in the soap as intense moisturizers.

Bath Soap- Great Feel-Great- Look Great Smell

So yes we believe that a great bath soap should feel great. But, we also believe it should have an aroma that you love. So we offer lots of fragrances so your bath soap smells as good as it feels. And then what if your bath soap just happens to be pretty? Well that's great too and at Ladybug Blessings we offer lots of rich "eye candy" colors to please all your senses.

Bath Soap- The Luxury of Real Soap

We offer real bath soap. Real bath soap is made with skin loving oils that nourish your skin naturally and luxuriously. Many things on the market that claim to be soap are filled with drying chemicals. Real bath soap..feels real good- nothing else compares!

Bath Soap- Luxury Ingredients- luxury feel.

Why are ingredients so important? Because the feel of your bath is determined by what goes in. Our company was founded when after 35 years of dry itchy skin- I got out of the tub with no itch! Why? real bath soap - not some chemical based substitute.So, Our bath soap is formulated from start to finish to offer pure luxury moisture

Bath Soap- Wait ..Aren't they really all the same?

Actually, no all bath soaps are not the same. For over 30 years I used what I thought was real bath soap. I itched every time I got out of the tub and used lotion constantly. Why?...

Well, Some of what appears to be bath soap is not even soap at all but rather what a company may term as a "cleansing bar" This usually means a bar of something that looks like soap but is filled with drying dangerous chemicals. The most common is soduimlaurylsulfate. It does three things for you ... one is offers cheap lather,two is dries out your skin and three many believe it is linked to skin cancer.

Real bath soap means natural skin loving oils combined in a just so formulation for a real bath with skin that feels real good! That's us! Ladybug Blessings-real bath soap! buy now


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